Sunday, November 1, 2009

am i...

Assalamualaikum n elo...

just pieces of my mind..wondering about my life...been living happily for 21 years...will enter 22 in a few months i really ready to enter this adult world?

2 years already passed...i already in 3rd year...studying medicine...will enter new semester & new system i ready to take on the new challenge?

i already told this...on the 1st day of my holiday at home...mama asked me about boyfriend...she asking me again the same question on i really fit to that world?having boyfriend? u thing i'm ready for that?am i really ready to hv other person's heart to take care of...besides my family & close friends?am i really ready to spend my time with the other person?am i really ready to divide my time between friends & him?am i ready for that?

i hv met lots of people...hv my best buddies here...4 of them...i love them really much...appreciate them..glad n grateful that i met & know them...never regret that i met u guys...really hope that we will be together always...i just wanna tell u guys that..u hv been great friends for me all the happiest moments in my life...i'm really sorry if i ever treat u guys badly...great i worth for that title?

we will enter UKM medicine faculty next year...will start our 1st department task...will start our 1st ward-round...will meet actual patients with actual sickness & problem...will face the so-called strict lecturers + pack i fit to this?it's not i'm regretting that i'm taking's not i'm already cannot stand in this's just i ready for this?can i really be a good doctor in the future...i'm now excited + afraid with my future...i really hope that i can do it..can manage it...

love my the people around me...peace v(^_^)v

XOXO - am i...a perfect one for u?

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