Sunday, September 23, 2012

when was the last time...

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Assalamualaikum n elo...


it's been a long time, right?
the vibes in final year really makes me uneasy day to day...
the only day that i able is Saturday and there's no more Sunday for me. why? coz lately, i called the Sundays as 'pre-Monday'... =w='''

although my weekdays are really full with my 7am-to-5pm in the ward, but i think i can still manage my own life...being playful just like before...
i still can watch my favorite shows...especially We Got Married!!!

yeah, my favorite couple in WGM Season 3 already come to the more cute "molkang~ molkang~" and sweet "yeobo~" from WooJung couple...and i did cry really hard while watching the last episode of them in WGM...well, if they decided to continue their affection in real life...i will love it~ xD

and now...WGM Season 4...
how should i put it...I LOVE ALL THE COUPLES!!!!
we have this mature KangYoon couple, the playful and loud SunHee couple, and not to forget the fateful and innocent JoonSeo couple~
i don't care if they are scripted or spontaneous...i just love this season so much!!!

and the current K-drama that i watch - Arang and The Magistrateat first, i decided to watch this drama because of Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah. but later, i watch this drama because i really love the plot and the story-line! xD
for the first time ever, i waited every week for the latest episodes + the subs~

now~ now~
back to the real world...
well, i'm done with my Internal Medicine Department posting and currently in Surgery Department posting...
life is getting more and more busy day by day~
hate to admit it, the date for the professional exam is nearer too \(>A<)/

well...all i can do now is learning and practicing really hard...and think that the people's live are in my hand in the future...
enjoying my final year in the hospital/clinic/ward to the fullest~
enjoying the show to release the stress~

after assisting a surgery with my supervisor (ignore the glove ok) 

XOXO - will i able to do this thing later *sigh*
.: cherish your every moment in happy :.