Monday, December 31, 2012

that date of the year again...

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم
Assalamualaikum n elo...

hiatus from blogging world for 3 months!!!
what am i doing?
i am still in the online world...still on Facebook-ing, Twitter-ing.
and i think i have loss the touch to publish something wuwuwuuu (* /w\)

ignore the statement above and back to the title post~
today is 31/12/2012. yup, it's the last day of 2012! 1 year already passes since i post something on the same date last year [click here]
reading the post (yeah~ i don't have other things to do -.-) made me think what i had done this i using all the oppurtunities that i got wisely? am i spent the time that i had accordingly? one question for sure - AM I READY TO BECOME A DOCTOR? =A=
yeah~ i am sitting for my final exam on April 2013 and there will be interview sometime around January or February (that's what i heard from my friends).

another year with tears and joy...
yup, i have sometimes when i cried (and i don't remember when but i do think i cried), but most of the time, i am happy with my life...trying to stay positive is the key for happiness :)

i still doing the same thing this year - attending classes, shopping, eating marathon, meet-up, fan-girling (but no fan-meetings, showcases, or concerts attended this year). just 1 thing added-up to my  list - going to weddings...oh yeah right~ i am at the age when people are getting marry.
in my family, my cousins married this year, two cousins already gave birth and another one expected on February 2013. some of my friends from primary school, secondary schools, and matriculation also got married this year. my seniors and juniors in my courses also got married. but sadly, i cannot attend most of the invitations...huhuu~ my final year made me stay at other place.


me? still single and free~ and i'm loving it! hahaa~ \(>/////<)/

my final year in medical school demands me to be more mature and pro-active...and i am trying to do so. i already went through the 3 postings and currently in Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. after this posting, i have another posting to go...another posting before the final exam. and this final year also made me travel to new place - i had to stay in Teluk Intan for 2 weeks in every posting. a new place and new people. and new 'teachers' too. the district hospital has many good people - the patients are always cooperative and willing to let us spend time with them. but some of the people in that hospital are too...urghhh!!! i keep quite coz i respected them as someone with more experiences but please treat us, the students with respect too coz we are also human being with feelings ok! if peole from there read this...i think...hmmm please be more nice too us ok. i'm not implying all the people there are like that. thank God most are good. but certain not too nice things will effect the nice things too, right? (what am i talking about? =.=''')

and that little girl, the little princess in our house is entering Standard 1 today~ hehee~ nothing more excited than seeing my little sister growing up well. do you best little one~ we always love you. and i am planning to visit the primary school, to meet my teachers...

dunno what else to type at this moment...may be i will continue with part 2 later, with some pics? hahaaa~ it's really awkward when trying to publish something again after a while!!! O(>A<)O
i just need to gather the mood, right?

XOXO - it's plain...
.: cherish your every moment in happy :.