Monday, December 7, 2009

have u ever...?

Assalamualaikum n elo...

another merepek post from me...
after KAT-TUN in the previous a piece of my mind...before i take my good night sleep~hihihi

"have u ever...?"
hmmm....have u?

have u ever thought that u will be someone that famous + important in the society?
how's life after that?still happy?
still hv the same freedom?same feeling?
what r u going to do to maintain it?

have u ever thought what will happen if u tell ur best buddy about the truth on something?
their expression?their feelings?
will they able to treat u the same as always?
will that affect ur relationship that being build + care for years?

have u ever thought that u wanna show the world the true u?ur own self?
do what ever u like without thinking what others will say?
show d world the inner u?the one that no one ever sees before?
will people around u treat u the same u if they know the true u?

have u ever thought that life will be meaningful if u have someone to be love?
someone besides ur family & friends?
someone u adore?someone that u like?
what will u do if that someone also has the same feeling towards u?
what will u do if that someone is not the one that u like but that someone has the feeling?
that someone didn't say a word but everybody said that someone has feeling for u?

have u ever thought that ur life should be different from this?
ur life should better than this?
ur life should be....?happy with every encounter?

all the things happened...all the things that we encountered...
they are all destiny...
ALLAH know everything...every each little,trivial things....
just be patience...just have the faith...
a happy life + bright future is just ahead....

XOXO - have u ever...?

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