Monday, January 26, 2009

a good girl...?

Assalamualaikum n elo...

again today..i started the morning with lonely housemates..again they woke up almost in the noon...huhuhuhu...not blaming them coz they slept late last night...doing some for me...fell asleep while doing some reading on Anemia...hihihii...

today...nasi beriyani for lunch~!!!so yummy!!!and today also...i had done some review on the cases for Dermatomusculoskeletal System...7 cases to review..just finished 4 cases (now on 5th case)...hope finished all 7 cases tonight n i wanna do some reading for tomorrow skills lab also...

the cases for Dermatomusculoskeletal System:
  • Mr. Green - Burn Injury
  • Miss Agnes - Acne & Miliaria
  • Mr. Bush - Basal Cell Carcinoma
  • Mr. Felo - Caries Dentis
  • Mr. Tobby - Tuberculosis & Spondylitis
  • Mr. Traum - Fractures
  • Mr. Volley - Shoulder Dislocation
uniquely...all the names of the patients usually correlates with the problems,disorders & diseases that they of this cases here will be combined woth one case from Hematoimmunology System for SOCA....huhuuhu..hope that i can get an A for the case presentation..the marks really help me~!!! for tomorrow...we will start with new system, the Hematoimmunology for tommorrow's skills lab - Hemoglobin & Blood Smear (Preparation & Examination of Blood Film)...i hv to know what is the shape and characteristic of normal and abnormal blood cells...that's why i hope that i can finish reviewing the cases tonight and do some reading afterward~...wish me all the best...

huhuhu...what kind of case that we will having this week?can wait for the case...the discussions will be always so interesting (for me...)...with new tutorial group members...

OK...gotta out now...will continue my life story later~...ja ne~!!!

XOXO - hmm~...good girl?@_@

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dundeepurple said...

noi rjinnyer patot la aku tanye kau buat ape,tak jawab,khusyuk dlm mengulangkaji.alhamdulillah~

.: cherish your every moment in happy :.