Saturday, October 10, 2009

just for fun eh...nothing special...^^

Assalamualaikum n elo...

a link that i got from a friend...
"20 Reasons You're Still Single"
most of the explanations are towards the guys...for man...but i think this also applicable for the ladies...
u can read the explanations by clicking the link above
[Source: Manolith]

reasons you're (man) still single...
  • You’re Shallow
  • You’re Too Independent
  • You’re Afraid of Commitment
  • You’re a Slob
  • You’re a Douchebag
  • You’re Addicted to Gaming
  • You’re Desperate
  • You’re the Nice Guy
  • You’re a Control Freak
  • You’re Too Shy
  • You’re Selfish
  • You’re Broke
  • Your Friends Are Assholes
  • You’re In Love With Yourself
  • You’re a Workaholic
  • You’re a Pervert
  • You’re In Love With Your Ex
  • You’re Boring
  • You’re Obnoxious

man...i hate these kind of men..really annoying...
yup..they want a perfect girl for them but r they perfect enough?
so...please hv the attitude...a nice one...

nothing special about this post...
like i mentioned on the post title...just for fun~^^

XOXO - what's wrong with being single?i'm happy with


eyemeroll said...

you hate the nice guy?hurm....

"they want a perfect girl for them but r they perfect enough?"

everyone r looking for a perfect's a fact..

can't blame's everyone's dream thou..hehe

imo, the perfect term is still too general. Everyone has it's own "perfect" term..

In other words, it is not really "perfect" that they r looking for....but it is "the ideal type"..

and obviously "ideal type" isn't same with "perfect"..

apekah yang aku mengarut..maapkan aku adline kerana mengarut disini..hehe

AdlineLime^-^Tea said...

xpe2...mmg blog ni tuk merepek n mengarut...
kalu x de la post tajuk ni...

i appreciate ur komen...
hate nice guy?half-half...
x de perasaan lg la...
sbb tu brani letak komen cm tu...kalu dh ade or terkena cupid's arrow tu bru phm kot..hahaha

tgk..tuan punye blog pn bg komen mengarut... =3

.: cherish your every moment in happy :.