Thursday, October 22, 2009


Assalamualaikum n elo...

doki-doki = nervous + excited...when ur heart beats really fast...(who doesn't know about this?u can find this phrase in J-Dorama, manga, n anime ^^)
yup...doki-doki...that's how i feel now...cannot wait to see my OSCE result..but at the same time...afraid of it...huhuhu~

todays exam - OSCE...
14 stations, 12 skills to be tested...
  • History taking in pediatric cardiac patient (case: cyanosis)
  • History taking in adult cardiac patient (case: chest pain)
  • Physical Examination CVS (tested on carotid artery exam + PMI)
  • ECG Part 1 (normal - for me..dunno what is the right answer)
  • ECG Part 2 (abnormal - i interpret it as MI..dunno right or wrong)
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • O2 therapy (non re-breathing mask)
  • Physical Examination Respiratory System (tested on trachea exam + percussion)
  • Anterior nasal packing (case: bleeding from left nostril)
  • History taking of breathing difficulty in pediatric
  • Tuberculin skin test
  • Acid-fast staining procedure
fuh~so tired yet excited..hehehe...
dunno why...eventhough i felt like i dun something wrong in some stations but i didn't feel down at all...just relief's over~

ok guys...gotta go...
back to FK to get the result...hope that my result is's even great if i pass all of them~!!!

XOXO - hmm...what to do to release tension?

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