Monday, July 4, 2011

B2ST 1st Asia Fan Meeting 2011 [MALAYSIA]

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Assalamualaikum n elo...

after a year, i got the chance to meet you again~ ^///^)O
after more than a month of waiting, the day to meet you finally came~ :D
yeah~1st July 2001!!!
the day that i've waiting with lots of palpitations~
it's B2ST 1st Asia Fan Meeting 2011 in MALAYSIA~


it's an honored for the Malaysian B2UTYs since this is B2ST destination for their B2ST 1st Asia Fan Meeting 2011~

that day was like any other day~but plus dokidoki since morning~
i was so nervous~hoping that something really good going to happen later in the evening... was tiring day actually - ophthalmology lecture in the morning, clinic till 2.oo p.m. , common lecture till 4.00pm~ =w='''
after the evening lecture, i went back home to take something that i left - pre-order receipt & present for my bias in B2ST - Dong Woon...
and receive call from Alia, asking me to go to the FM with my friends...thank God Faru & Hani didn't go yet~

ok~straight to the point...
i entered the ground pretty late with Alia and her friends, Aqila & Mizah (sorry if i spelled wrongly)...once we sat on our chair --> BOOM - SPECIAL's intro on and B2ST coming out from below the stage...
i was like - "it's starting?!!!" and without delay i joined the crowd to scream too~ ^^)O

so the songs that they sang on the night:

  • Special (Shock of the New Era)
  • Soom (Mastermind)
  • Shock (Shock of the New Era)
  • Beautiful (Lights Go On Again)
  • On Rainy Days (Fiction)
  • Fiction (Fiction)
  • Oasis (Beast Is The B2ST)
  • I Like You The Best (Lights Go On Again)
  • V.I.U (Matermind)
no Bad Girl, no Mystery...i was hoping for Freeze too...

ok...memorable stuffs that worth to remember:
  • B2ST introduction in Malay cute, so adorable but they still need to learn, A LOT...the cutest one was Yo Seob - "Apa khabar? Nama saya Yo Seob..Yo Seob imnida~" *awkward smile* (lol~combination of Malay & Korea) and the almost perfect one was Gi Kwang - "Apa khabar? Nama saya Gi Kwang dari BEAST..." nice Kiki
  • the MC asked them to say few Malay words and Dong Woon answered "Durian", followed by Yo Seob's "Laksa" and Hyun Seung's "Satay" that time i thought "they certainly love to eat~"
  • "Aku cinta padamu" by Yo Seob~ *fainted*
  • [LIVE] Yo Seob's "SNEEZE" cutely and Dong Woon's "GIRLISH-SCREAM"...and i actually thought these were cute...really cute >///<)O
  • Du Jun's "BIRTHDAY" celebration...and after singing the birthday song, Alia who was beside me shouted - "DU JUN MARRY ME~!!!" XD
  • "ROMANTIC GUY~" frequently said by Gi Kwang & Dong Woon during Q & A session when one of the question asked B2ST to sing birthday song for his's sweet though :)
.: hmmm~some juicy secret?!!! :.
  • when the MC said something in Malay, Dong Woon was smiling and "yeah yeah yeah" like he understood the MC but when the MC asked "Dong Woon, awak faham ke?", he went "no no no" then "geulae?"
.: look at our baby Seobie :.
  • the most hyper member was Dong Woon and the next one was Yo Seob..."Awak ni kan, NAKAL~" and they laughed like little kids...
.: the true maknae & the fake maknae :.
  • during play-time...when Jun Hyung picked the lucky B2UTY, Du Jun & Dong Woon were the one who excited calling that lucky B2UTY...Dong Woon said "[i don't remember the name]~come on baby~put your hands-up~", making Alia and me singing "Hands Up" by 2PM :D
  • and play-time were hilarious~and i did envy the 6 luckiest B2UTYs...the MC said "Yang 2 orang ni macam couple (Yo Seob & his partner), yang lain-lain ni macam tengah dating, chit-chat, chit chat~" and Hyun Seung smiled a lot during this time~

other memorable things:

.: B2ST :.
  • Dong Woon's fan-service is the best...he 'divided' himself equally to every edge of the stage~frequently saying "come on baby" & "i love you"
.: he's my bias~ :.
  • Yo Seob another hyperactive guy...his reaction when his partner for play-time-with B2ST holding 'JOKER' banner is totally hilarious & cute~
  • Jun Hyung was the only one who paying attention when the MC explaining the rules of the game...with a cute, confused face...then "owh~it's like that..."
.: Seobie and Joker :.

  • Gi Kwang was so adorable...being clueless what to perform after Progression done with their performance..."aee....Shocku? Shocku?"
  • Hyun Seung was a bit quiet during the FM, lost in his own world...but when he performed, his giving THE BEST especially during BEAUTIFUL, the cute Seungie ON~!!!
.: cute...right~? :.
  • Du Jun...another talkative guy...celebrating his becoming birthday during of the day - hugging Joker in BEAUTIFUL~
.: bright smile from birthday boy :.

and...they were really hyper-up :3
they started to tease the B2UTYs before starting the encore performances:
Yoseob: you want summore???
B2UTYs: YES!!!
Dongwoon: are you ready???
B2UTYs: YES!!!
Dongwoon: i'm not~HAHAA!!!
and B2UTYs kept-on screaming, shouting - "ENCORE~ENCORE~ENCORE"
hahaa...cute, bad boys...
then they came out again with wearing FM tees and started to perform the 3 last songs - Oasis, I Like You The Best, V.I.U...

.: one missing...right~? :.

.: sexy Gi Kwang & Hyun Seung :.

perfect and nice...with such a sweet, memorable end - "I love you~" by Dong Woon & almost-fall-from-stairs Yo Seob...thank God nothing happened to him~

besides that...since Faru and Hani want to stay to send B2ST to Singapore, i decided to join the crowd...2 hours of standing while waiting (my heart cried at that time coz i'm already sleepy...) and all the tiredness gone when i get to see their faces for the last time...and it was REALLY CLOSE~!!!
so cool, so handsome, so fair, so's really "MABUSHI~~!!!" [try to pronounce it like Sunako from Perfect Girl Evolution]
Du Jun frequently opened the window's cover and waving to B2UTYs...then Jun Hyung followed him...with such a cute smile...the smile that rarely seen on his lips~ =///=)O

and...i got back to my room at 3.oo a.m~ =w='''

well~the good things are lots more than the bad one...i just put the bad ones here coz over all, i did enjoy this FM~and it's really worth my money to watch this~ [thanks to Alia ^^)v]

.: thanks to Alia, i get to know B2ST~ :.

throughout the FM...all i did was screaming and screaming and screaming (lol~it's not good for your ear, throat, and eyes too)
and the MC too~i really like him...he truly knows how to handle the naughty yet sweet B2UTYs~

the bad things:
  • fans can be so scary ok~that will never change my statement eventhough i already have the love for K-pop
  • the securities for the hotel that they stay...were rude towards the fans
  • accidentally heard a fan talked bad things about Prince Jang...i dunno whether she meant for bad or just neutral remarks...but as a B2UTY, i hate her statement - "Hyun Seung doesn't have that BANG factor, so that's why he's out from Big Bang..." [to Prince Jang, if you are reading this, please don't be sad ok coz you still have me to love you~
sorry for being such a fussy person...

i would like to congratulate the organizer for organizing this event~it was smooth & no chaos at least from what i observed, B2UTYs behaved sweetly that day~ ^///^)O
the time for the event also least they respect the prayers time for Muslim too~
please organize more great events in the future ok~

.: satisfied face~|3 :.

that's all about my 2nd 'encounter' with my VIUtiful B2ST...
hope that i can see them again next time...

Yoon Du Jun, Yang Yo Seob, Jang Hyun Seung, Yong Jung Hyun, Lee Gi Kwang, Son Dong Woon

XOXO - not going to MTV Worldstage Malaysia 2011 eventhough B2ST will represent Korea for that event...

pics - credits to Alia and MyKpopHuntress @Facebook ...huhuuu...i really hope i have camera now~


fikah mus said...

Hi there!!
Came across ur blog post through Twitter.
Thanks for sharing!!
I wasn't there,but ur story made me felt like I was there!!
Your words may be simple, but they're full in details.
Thanks a lot!!

JUSTcircle said...

Pasni pinjam kamera saper2 sblm pergi k? hehehe! suker.. details..

AdlineLime^-^Tea said...

fikah mus - thanks for reading it~ :D and i'm glad that i can make you feel like that~

JC - huhuu...ade camera housemate before pi tp die kate cemra problem + die cm tak ikhlas nk bg pinjam~so...abuse Alia mlm tu~ :D tq for reading it

..FarrLia^^ said...


AdlineLime^-^Tea said...

wae?! o.O

.: cherish your every moment in happy :.