Thursday, November 11, 2010

the "yeay~" & the "hukhuk~"

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Assalamualaikum n elo...

hahaa~i go lalalaa in this few days...
enjoying my holidays pretty much...not touching my books at all [tsk =_=''']

and..since i manage to on line during this holiday~i managed to update few things about my current obsession~^^

still trying to find new updates on KAT-TUN and L`Arc~en~Ciel....

cannot find anything about L`Arc~en~Ciel...may be i'm not searching hard enough...but i found some news about VAMP on TokyoHive...hahaha~about consert~

KAT-TUN is busy with their newest single promotion --> Change UR World

after listening to this newest song (the full version from R-One)'s anime-like song~hahaa~just can't wait for the full PV~
keep-on rooting for KAT-TUN >///<
[i miss Kame,Junno,Koki,Uepi, and Maru so much~]

my current obsession - B2ST
and i'm proud to be B2UTY for the B2ST~^^
knowing that they are back again with 4th Mini Album : Lights Go On Again...

.: B2ST 4th Mini Album :.

wow~this is a great news for me~
i'm still happily repeating songs from Mastermind mini album then, it's time for a new one?
wow~B2ST is truly BEAST~hahahaa
and~i went doki-doki while watching the "Lights Go On Again" and "Beautiful" MV teaser~

aren't they cute?aren't they adorable?aren't they lovable?>///<
[B2st latest nickname - "Love-dol" and "Boyfriend-dol"]
so beautiful~i'm falling in love with these 6 boys again and again~so can't wait for the full MV~^^

i will going back to campus tomorrow~
i'm done with my 7 days of holiday~
i'm going back to my little world~
i'm going back and start studying again for a better future...not only for me,but for my future patients~^^

another 'selfish' post from me~^^


rainbowskittle said...

noiii cepatnye balik !
noi camanekah nak wat yg recent comment yang ada kat sidebar tuu.
tak ingat dah nk carik kat mana, dulu ada gak. nnt ckp kat wall fb eh kalo ingat tenkiiiuu

AdlineLime^-^Tea said...

ade event kt ukm bangi esk~kne dtg jd pemantau~nk cuti lg~~T^T

sat lg noi bgtau psl sidebar tu eh~

rainbowskittle said...

la ye ke ? sianye noi.
dah jumpaaa dah tenkiuuu

.: cherish your every moment in happy :.