Tuesday, November 2, 2010


بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Assalamualaikum n elo...

sorry for being 'hiatus' for almost 1 week~hahaaa
so...finally...the final examination come to the end~
i only left for my Tamadun Islam & Tamadun Asia paper on Thursday morning~^^

the final 2 papers for my clinical exam - OSCE for O&G and Surgery~

.: just hang on...you can do it :.

spend most of my time in the room...covering the topics that might come out for the OSCE.

.: my sticky notes :

i can do it and got out from the examination ward with big smile~hahaaa
except for the PPD station...hehee...CHEMOTHERAPY~
****!!! i didn't read this part at all~T^T~
eventhough it just a counseling station (asking why don't wanna take the therapy and so on), but without knowledge about this...you totally talking nonsense there~
so...Prof.~one of your student already have the 6th sense = NONSENSE >.<|||
but overall~i'm quite satisfied with my performance in OSCE O&G...

OSCE Surgery?
i think i'm screwed....yup~totally screwed up....T^T
the doctors were really nice~they are so nice, too kind, and even willing to help me + giving hints when i didn't know the answers...
it's hurt the most when they tried to help but i didn't know to answer what~~~
it's felt like "I ALREADY BETRAYED THEM!!!"

write trauma management (20 marks) in less than 8 minutes~wow~i like the thrill~
x-ray...i think...(silence in the air~)

shame on you!

all people tried to comfort me by saying the doctors are kind and willing to help us...
so what?
it cannot change the fact that "I DONE BADLY!!!"

fuuhhh~feel much better ^^|||
so much of EMO part here~
yea..mood swing~you (especially ladies) know right what time is it if you suddenly feel bad about almost everything...

when i'm think back...
i already tried my best...
Alhamdulillah most of the spotted Qs came out and i'm quite happy actually...
i'm down because i felt that i already hurt the doctors feeling...
i just hope that...i manage to pass this exam...
INSYA-ALLAH i'll pass this exam~and my friends too ^^

i realized that since i'm entering the clinical years...my study capacity increase steadily...
it's hard to find time to hang out actually (when was the last time i stepped out from this hostel?)

.: keep-on learning about the disease and new things :.

so much of a EMO-feeling-post...

wish me good luck k~^^

XOXO - it's already NOVEMBER~??? o.O


farah said...

eh gelas tu !
noi dah lepas pon. nak buat cane an.kita tawakal je n doa bnyak2

MARDI MY said...

gudluck awk~~

tu da lepas
exam bkn segala2nya
tu hanya ujian Allah yg kecil zarah je
lulus ke tak tu Allah da tentukan awal2.
yg Dia nak tahu sejauh mana kita usaha kita dan kasih kita pada Dia..


AdlineLime^-^Tea said...

huhuu~thanks baby girls~
yup..tawakal pd ALLAH je skrg eh~^^

farah - yup~gelas tu~>__<

mardi - awak~tq muah2 >///<

.: cherish your every moment in life...be happy :.