Monday, April 26, 2010

the 'debt'...

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Assalamualaikum n elo...

another cold night...
i'm inside my blanket with hot milo beside me... least they warm me up a little bit~
.: kimochi desu~~ :.

finally...i manage to settle my 'debt' treat my friends & juniors...
yup...treating them pizza...
it's really in my to my dearest juniors (if you reading this), don't worry too much about it ok...i already make a budget plan for this 1 week & i think i will manage to survive in these 5 days~^^

.: pizza~^^ :.

8 people joining this feast - Nadya, Cik Fun, Icak, Kamaria, Wawa, Syed, Jijol, & me....
our meal - 3 pizzas (2 medium, 1 large), garlic cheese, bruschetta, calzone, soups
drink - iced lemon tea
entertainment - chatting, pictures taking, jokes, Icak's 1st LIVE performance (wow~!!!), karaoke (just 4 of us - Icak, Cik Fun, Nadya, & me)

.: 8 people after eating the meal :.

not to forget...i got new cutie for my collection...hehehe

.: kawaii ne~ :.

thanks to Kamaria & Wawa...i really appreciate this one~^^
still not decide the name for this little cutie....
but i really love it~so cute~so adorable~

well i really enjoyed tonight's activities...
hope the same goes to everyone hard feelings ok~

.: back, from left - me, Wawa, Nadya, Kamaria; front, from left - Cik Fun, Icak :.

that's all...
wanna go to sleep after this, have to wake up early since tomorrow is the packing day~


XOXO - another sweet memory in Bandung~>///<

p/s: thanks to Jijol for the pics~^^

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caeme said...

agak r tkut...kmi rse kmi men2 jew..tetibe k noi btol2 jd nk blnje...>.<
btw..mekaceh k noi...n gud lux too!!

p/s: rejeki jgn ditolak klu ade dpn mata

.: cherish your every moment in happy :.