Wednesday, July 22, 2009

we meet again...

Assalamualaikum n elo..

Dun hv time to update yestrday..such a busy day since hv class from morning to evening..besides:
- hv meeting with new TWP students..had welcoming ceremony for them
- hv 2 finished my lab assignment on parasitology n anatomy..managed to finish it on time

We meet again..mannequin-kun..huhu..we didn't meet 4 almost a year..n i given u 'kisses' again..
Hehehe..yup..we practiced about pedriatic resuscitation on clinical skill lab yestrday..i hvn't lose my skills on gving air vntilation n chest compression..yeay..hope that i can improve my skills..
It's fun to learn the steps to save people life..hope that i will remembr d steps forever...

Now still at d faculty..hving tutorial dscsion aftr this..
New case = new LIs T-T

Ok..gonna post more on later..da~

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