Monday, December 20, 2010


بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Assalamualaikum n elo...


thanks to Nadu and Natto (Nadu's little sis) coz readily to spend their time accompanying me to this event...

.: the ticket to enter the event :.

.: the CF2010 pamplet :.

i can see that they having so much fun, taking pictures, participating in the campaign, and enjoying all the eye candies >///<

too many cool and cute characters~
they are open too~don't mind to take pictures and posed for the people
too bad that i didn't see any sight of

and~i got the chance to meet some of the GForum members~
LOL~we had great time Twitter-ing but this is the 1st time meeting them face to face...but~i'm too shy to talk to some of them...just giving them a small and shy wave...i dunno whether they noticed it or not...
may be in the next gathering, i will cut-off the

looking around the booth~watching the cosplay competition (this is my second time watching the competition, 1st one while i was in Bandung)~taking pictures with the cosplayers~

.: Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji :.

.: Trinity Blood Hall of Fame :.

and the people, the fans attending this event is friendly too~not as scary as the fangirls or fanboys in the Showcase of B2ST that i attended last pushing, no violent acts...they gave full cooperation to the CF committee members~
big clap for the fans~^^

owh~not to forget the satge performances...and i like most of them since all the song that they sang were anime theme songs~
my personal fav - a L'Arc~en~Ciel-like-band (i didn't remember the name of the band but they are so good~love their band!!!)
i almost left the ballroom when they started the into of "DAYBREAK'S BELL" by L`Arc~en~Ciel...
wow~at that time, Nadu and me were jumping and screaming like crazy coz it's L`Arc~en~Ciel's song~

.: wohoo~ :.

.: blur...but his style was almost the same as HYDE :.

it's been a long time i spend time with Japanese songs were played around me (except in my room~) since nowadays are K-Pop fever~
attending this kind of event is really tiring but it worthy~

i brought Dante home with
hahaaa~i dunno whether i can sleep after this with Dante watching me~lol~>///<

.: chu~ :.'s too bad that i cannot bring Sephiroth with
huhuuu~owh well, i will just stare at my Sephiroth collection in my laptop then...

.: Sephiroth~my all-time-fav-male character :.

i spend almost 10 hours at CF~and i had a really great time there~
and spending money n time at the worthy event is the greatest~

.: the bags~ :.

.: satisfaction~ :.

.: auww~>///< :.

owh~owh~the autograph session with the cartoonists of GempakStarz~
yeah~hahaaa~another valuable to be add as my precious 'treasure'~

.: Keith's :.

.: Kaoru's :.

too bad that my camera's memory card was, i'd to depend on it's internal memory which can only support about 8, i only took pictures that worth my camera's internal memory...
if the memory card present, i certainly took lots of pictures...
i hv to depend on Natto's camera during this event, thank you very much for your, may be i'll post my pics with the cosplayers in the next post~heheee~

CF really made my weekend memorable and
thanks to CF organizing committee for the great job in organinzing this awesome event~
hope that next CF going to be more awesome than this year~

ja matta ne minna san

XOXO - i'm buying useless but memorable items from this a right combination?useless and memorable...???


AmalAdhwa said...

uwaaaa~~~~ nk p gak!!!!!!
waaaaa.....karya virus ac74
nk p >__<
knpe x minggu ni........aaahhhhhh
sy x prnh p..sian x??

Huda A.M. said...

excuse me... Dante's mine!u can take sephiroth. but Dante was an ol' crush. looong before leon s. kennedy~ see how long ago it was

AdlineLime^-^Tea said...


amal - insya-Allah kite try pi sme2 eh next CF~^^

huda - Sephiroth hot sgt...bru tinggal kejap dh abih org sapu...
leon..leon...xnmpak la plak...hope ade la next CF~haaa

Huda A.M. said...

i don't think leon akan ade. because, tah. he's like popular, but not High School Musical Troy popular

AdlineLime^-^Tea said...

hahaa~kalu ade pn...buleh ke lawan Leon yg kmu selalu tgk tu... =////=

Huda A.M. said...

ah? Leon yang aku mengadap kat PC ari2 ni? taahh.

.: cherish your every moment in happy :.