Saturday, September 20, 2008

yasha..little guy..n me...

Assalamualaikum n elo..

how r u guys doing today?me?just fine..happy girl like always..hohoho...

so..yesterday..we celebrate our classmate's birthday...Happy Birthday Faizul!!!it's a surprise party actually since he seemed so shock when we singing the song...we celebrated at a futsal court..maybe he just thought that we gonna played futsal together like the last time..
so,after the celebration...we watched the guys having the futsal match - red vs white team..i lost the count already after 15 minutes of the game..hahaha..but the match was really hillarious..the girls outside just laughed watching them..for me..their skills are improved since the last 5 months..hope you guys (they called themselve 'Yang Menang') will win the next KUBI Futsal Championship... for me..i take the oppurtinity to learn how to control the ball n play futsal..thanks Luqman for teaching us (nad,hud n me) and to Hadi too (for becoming sketal)..

n today..i woke up really late..thank God i having some biscuits n a glass of water before studying today..owh,i just opened my psychiatry book to do my the morning,watched the J-drama - Code Blue (starring YAMAPI!!!) and in the evening surfing the net and watch some clips from YouTube (Uso?!Japan) with nad...then i browsed some Hari Raya songs..huhuhu..can't wait to go home...not to forget that i had a chat with alia..miss u so much n please remind me about the promise ok..

now..i'm thinking on doing a litle part of my LI..hope that i can finished them by tomorrow so on Monday i just read for further understanding and make the flip chart...

ok..that's all for now guys...da~!!!

p/s: who is 'Yasha' n 'little guy'..?hehehe...yasha one of my pillow n little guy is this them so much~..

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