Friday, February 18, 2011


بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Assalamualaikum n elo...

i'm too lazy to find the right time to update this blog about the events...

i decided to put it all the planned posts in this post...

.: smiling innocently + cutely :.

KTDI Annual Dinner
(15th January 2011)
Theme : Night in Red & White - "Purify Our Heart, Mind, & Soul"
Venue : PICC, Putrajaya

.: pretty ladies in red & white :.

.: The KING & QUEEN of the night :.

my comments about this dinner?
  • nice place...nice can be better than this actually~
  • many great performances on that night but no variation...just people singing, singing, and singing...
  • the theme is RED & WHITE but there's people wearing dresses/suits/costumes/clothes not according to the made me felt a little bit disappointed...
  • over all...this dinner is nice
Sukan KTDI
(16th January 2011)
Venue : Court besides Rumah McD HUKM

.: volleyball :.

.: futsal (for the guys) :.

.: netball :.

.: futsal (for girls) :.

my comments?
  • i like it~it's been a long time i watched sports event with camera in my hand....
  • got the job to snap some pics during the event...i really miss this job so much~and you guys know how i like this kind of thing~
  • overall...nice games by every participants~~
this is the last one...
my day out with my friends...

.: sweet smile from Hanim :.

.: Huda & Faru with their BIG shopping bags~ :.

.: Faru, me, and Huda at Times Square Starbucks :.

you know..when we go out, we tend to be more...crazy~
and during this day-out...we had an eating-marathon...Pak Hailam at Sg Wang -> cake & muffin at Starbucks -> makan tom yam kat warung tepi jalan

to Huda, Faru, and Hanim...thank you for spending time with me, you guys are the cutest~^^

ok that's all...
you can find more pics from my Facebook in "Sukan KTDI", "Dinner KTDI", & "Girls Day Out" albums >///<

i'm going back to my room now...doing some packing to go back to HUKM tonight~
bye2 for now~

XOXO - i'm so hungry~~

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