Saturday, May 2, 2009

i'm home but going back tomorrow~

Assalamualaikum n elo...

yo!it's been a while right?hehehe....

sorry for not updating anything in this 2 weeks...hv a lot of things happen during this time.... final exam result already out last week n me?not really satisfied with the result but Alhamdulillah, i've been promoted to the 3rd year...yea~!!!
yup...i'm home now, in Malaysia since Monday....but will going back to Indonesia tomorrow for 2 weeks....taking my remedial improve my pointer actually n really hope that i can improve the's depend on luck actually (that's what my friends told me...)...some of my friends didn't get any improvement after taking the remedial paper last year....

anyway..i will going back to Malaysia..back home again on 15th...huhuhu...when i'm gonna start studying for the remed..huhuhuu....

but..being home with my family is the best happiness in the them so much...eventhough...this time is different from others....since for the first time...i'm not seeing her face, my grandma's face...and don't hav the oppurtinity to visit her grave this time...may be i will going in the next time i'm coming back home....

and...just wanna say thanks to Faru coz giving me an 'award'....really appreaciate u Faru....gonna miss u during this holiday~!!!this is from her blog :

penerima anugerahnya adalah ..jeng.jeng.jeng
  1. naddu ahmad hisham aka dundee busuk
  2. noi aka ketua biro info yg super duper busy
  3. whoda wicked witchslair
  4. piper sincerely me U****
  5. syudada puitis
  6. cHibi maruko yg p bali x bawak ak..
  7. cik fun hijo mkwe I***
okay...that's all...these r some pics for today's post~

my daddy's new car...Nissan Grand Livina ^^

my newest DVDs to be added in my DVDs Collection: Kami no Shizuku + Rescue ^^

my kawaii little naughty as always...and bright too~^^

XOXO - hmmm...missing my Saphira....>///<

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